Rainbows & Puppies

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Color photograph from overhead of a long rainbow flag with eight colors. It starts at the top on the Gulf side of Key West and flows down the street. Lots of people are holding both sides of the flag all the way across, with some people walking along the sides of the street. On the bottom of the photo, there are seven people holding the other end of the flag while standing knee-deep in the Atlantic Ocean.


Dear Author,

It took two days in my cramped Kia, but me and what I'm convinced are the only other gay students from our small Oklahoma college are finally here.

No more hiding. No more excuses. I'm going to touch that flag.




genre: contemporary
tags: bears; twinks; men with pets; road trip; college; friends-to-lovers; Pridefest
content warnings: none
words: 9,380