Welcome to Jonathan Treadway's website! I am an author of gay (male/male or m/m) romance stories, all of which have (or will have) a happy ending.

I fell in love with m/m romance back in the mid 2000s, thanks to Suzanne Brockmann and J.R. Ward, when I was really bored with m/f romance. Before I wrote my first romance story, published in Neil Plakcy's 2009 anthology called Surfer Boys, I was an avid reader. I now own about 9,000+ m/m ebooks, and I won't stop buying them until I'm dead or otherwise incapacitated. And yes, I have read 99% of them! I have stories in every genre available for gay romance, particularly in the older ebooks before I narrowed down my preferences.

I love contemporary and mystery stories most as a reader, and I have been collecting gay detective stories for ages. Some of my favorite mystery authors are Josh Lanyon, Greg Herren, and Neil Plakcy. As a writer, I prefer contemporary as well, although I am trying other genres for fun. Even a mystery, though whether that will ever see the light of day is still unknown.

So stay tuned and let's chat about m/m romance, marriage equality, equal rights for LGBTQ people all over the world, and how to help teens who have been kicked out of their home for being different. If you want to stay connected, please join my mail list. I promise only to send out an occasional notice about new stories being published or other equally important events, and not inundate you with junk.

Happy reading!


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